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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Effervescent Beauty of Paper Lanterns

Though paper lanterns originated predominantly in the oriental culture, they have taken the world by storm. They offer a great range of choices in terms of decoration for both outdoor and indoor. The soft light they emit appeals to everyone and can set off any mood or occasion.

The best thing about them is how they can help you decorate for a party or a festive occasion in a totally inexpensive way. Paper lanterns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which are extremely useful for adapting to any space for a pleasing effect.

Apart from aesthetic reasons, paper lanterns have a great meaning for those who follow Feng Shui. They are believed to bring in a lot of positive energy in the house. Red lanterns on either side of the bed can help fertility and ensure a harmonious marriage. Colorful lanterns harness vitality and brighten up the place beautifully as well. People who believe in these powers are greatly benefited from their faith.

Different shapes and colors signify several themes. Though white ones are fairly common, they come in a riot of colors and can also have drawings and patterns on them. Paper lanterns have different techniques to light them. They can be candle-lit or electrically fitted with a bulb and cord. Flame-lit ones give a whole new aura to evening occasions and in some customs paper lanterns are also lit and left to float into the sky in great numbers offering a picturesque view to the onlookers. Battery operated ones are the newest addition and are safer too. Also they don't have any cord, so they can be used in a more aesthetic manner.

They are easily available online or even in walk-in stores. You just have to know the theme you have in mind. They go very well with the beach theme or can be used elegantly for grander parties. It can also act as excellent decorative for weddings of all themes and budgets. Lot of sites also offers great knowledge into the making of paper lanterns too and someone with a creative mind can even get down to making them. And even if you want to buy them, they will still be cheapest options available for decorative lighting. Paper lanterns are definitely high on the popularity scale due to their gleaming beauty and low cost. Whether you need it for religious reasons or decorative purposes, go and grab that paper lantern and customize your space.

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