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Sunday, August 11, 2013

How to Decorate a Small Sitting Room

Everyone needs a spot in their home to get away and read, study, listen to music or just think! You can turn any small space into the perfect sitting room. Since we're working in small spaces, decorating should be planned in advance. Comfort and function are key when designing a sitting room.

Find a cozy chair. It could be a recliner or a comfortable chair with an ottoman to prop up your feet. A side table is a must, on which you can place a lamp and have a spot for a cup of tea and a good book. It would be helpful if your end table had a drawer or two for keeping notecards, pens, favorite CD's and the like. You can also use a floor lamp to save space. These are the essentials and if that is all your room can fit, you'll be in great shape.

The small sitting room is a place you can really personalize with artwork, accessories and decor that is special to you. Framed photos of children or family vacation memories, an embroidered pillow from grandma's house or a quirky piece of art you picked up on your travels. Sitting rooms are often themed. For example, women might prefer a garden room with a hanging birdcage, white wicker furniture, fresh green paint on the walls and baskets of lively colored fresh or silk flowers. The man of the house might like the feel of an old English library with a leather recliner, dark wood bookcases and a banker's lamp.

A sitting room can also become a place for hobbies and crafts. If space allows, a desk or table with storage drawers or bins can serve very nicely to hold the tools and materials of your handiwork. It's ideal for staying organized and leaving projects where they don't interfere with dinner or other family activities. Whether it's jigsaw puzzles or floral arrangements or model airplanes, you can work on your craft as time allows and return later. If conflicting television shows are a problem in your house, you could always have a small TV set to watch the program no one else wants to see.

Even if you don't have an actual room, you can carve out a small space just to call your own, a small alcove or far corner can become a little getaway spot. Maybe you have an attic or basement that offers space for you. Whatever you choose make it your special place.

Patty Kendall is owner of Creative Decor, Interior Decorating & Refining. A gold certified member of The Interior Redecorators Network, Patty helps homeowners and business owners with flexible options in decorating services. Using basic rules of good design and a creative eye, she helps develop stylish & cohesive interiors.

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