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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Using A Wood Coat Rack For Decorating

One of my favorite rooms in the house to decorate is the living room. Depending on how the layout of the room is I can sometimes coordinate adjoining rooms and halls/foyer as well. I love woods, in particular cherry and oak. Not surprisingly then you will find some kind of wood in my home.

I also like to blend different looks together. You will easily find vintage 18th century European accents mixed with a little European and Asian. It sounds strange and it does look eclectic, but it turns out beautifully exotic and unique. I like to start right at my front door with a beautiful cherry wood coat rack. Next to it I place a complimentary cherry wood shoe rack. I like to have everyone remove their shoes before they enter my home so I make the idea inviting for them. On the wall near the coat rack hang beautiful pictures of the family in cherry wood frames. You get a sense of what kind of home you are entering based on what you see immediately upon walking through the door. This sets the tone for the entire home.

In the living room there are two cherry wood arm chairs and a matching side table. I love to have beautiful drapes so burgundy satin hang in front of the patio doors. The carpet is ivory and the sofa is rose with blue and burgundy accent flowers. It's a certainly a dramatic room but that it what I am going for. The cherry wood chairs and table are the perfect accents for the coat rack and shoe stand by the front door.

I don't use a coffee table because I like to leave the space open for the children to run around. What I do like to do is add a black oak drop leaf table to the right of the sofa. I drop the back side and place it caddy corner with a large Asian style brass lamp in the center. Surrounding the lamp are my favorite books, underneath is a beautiful table cloth. The lamp shade is actually an ivory colored French lace style shade. The colors in the lamp accent the entire room.

The entire room, front entrance and all are a testament to my personality. It's dramatic, inviting, family oriented and multi-cultural. If you can't express yourself with your home d├ęcor then you're just not free to be yourself. When decorating my home I don't get wrapped up into what is popular or what is designer, I am far more concerned with what I love!

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