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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Benefits Of Using Industrial Solar Panels

There are a plethora of advantages to harnessing the sun's powerful rays through the use of solar panels. When this technology is applied to commercial and industrial uses, the benefits only seem to multiply. Industrial solar panels feature more than just a bigger surface area and some tout a drastic reduction in the cost of running large businesses. In certain situations, solar panels meant for industries can even be applied for home use. Not only is the utilization of solar panels beneficial to keeping costs under control, but they are also beneficial to reduce the negative environmental impact on our planet that running large businesses can create.

There are several different kinds of renewable energy sources, such as power created by wind turbines, energy made by forced water hydro-power, biomass (plant energy) and the very popular solar power. Photovoltaic (also known as PV) collectors are the cells that capture sunlight which is later converted into usable electric currents through something called the photoelectric effect. The first PV cell was created in the 1880s by Charles Fritts and has since been improved upon by many different engineers throughout history. The current models being used today have the ability to store captured solar energy within molten salts for later use, which is extremely important when sunshine cannot be accessed 24 hours a day. Salt that is molten has been found to be the perfect medium as it has a specific heat capability with the power to distribute heat at comparable temperatures to conventional power systems and it is extremely low cost.

When it comes to the environmental responsibility of larger factories and businesses that generate toxic greenhouse gases and utilize fossil fuels, many have not made the switch to a sustainable resource. In the world that we all live, it is important for these corporations to make headway in the fight for a greener globe. An excellent way to do this is through the use of solar panels. An area appropriate for the installation of large scale industrial solar panels on factories is the roof. By using this space, rooftops housing solar panels not only capture huge amounts of light, but also protect normal roofing materials from dangerous and oftentimes destructive UV rays.

The cost benefits of using industrial solar panels quickly add up when looked at over a long period of time. The argument of many of the bigger corporations when looking at switching to solar power is the initial cost of the materials and installation versus the time it takes to be paid back. However, if the business is set up to last throughout the next decade, not having to pay for electricity immediately begins to offset the cost of installation. It is estimated that it can take anywhere from eight to twelve years for large companies to see a full return on their investment. However, being able to declare the company's product has been made with a renewable source of power is another wonderful benefit to using solar power.

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