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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Great Suggestions For Decorating Walls

Sometimes when you want to redesign a room, it might take only a few minutes to incorporate something or change something. You don't have to purchase anything new, however you can use something inexpensive that is easily available or possibly something that you already have which you can use using an original, unexpected, or stylish manner. Follow this advice for decorating your walls.

Many people hang original artwork in a very prominent location for guests to view them. Try hanging original artwork instead within the bedroom or less formal area of the house where it may be enjoyed by those people who are living there. A big blank wall in a bedroom is a great location to hang a large piece of art.

Picture frames really are a wonderful technique to fill empty wall surfaces. You are able to set them up in a manner as to get them to feel formal or informal. When arranging a grouping of picture frames, maintaining balance is the paramount factor.

One great way is to insert a new shape to break up a pattern, for instance placing a simple oval picture frame right into a grouping of frames which all have straight lines.

Group four frames of the same size together (two on top of two), with a fifth larger frame hung off and away to one side; an arrangement like this can make a necessary balance adjacent to a table having a large lamp.

If you're hunting for a very non-traditional method to hang some small picture frames on your wall, hang them in a row underneath larger framed artwork. This can be another example of where you might normally hang another picture frame to balance a lamp on a table.

Create a point of interest by hanging unusually shaped frames together on a wall. Your collection might include vintage round picture frames, classic oval picture frames, along with other shapes. The frames ought to be manufactured of comparable materials and contain like subject theme to help keep the arrangement cohesive.

Hang some cherished cards or trinkets on the wall. Instead of storing away things that you do not want to live without, frame them and display them. Sometimes these kinds of framed objects can be ideal for a bathroom or bedroom, in places you will see them a whole lot and they also can provide you with feelings of comfort or security.

Should you have a monochrome or small setting, hang a colorful oversized print where it will give a surprising "pop". A nice bright print put in a little, neutral colored bathroom or other monochromatic room will give the space the weight and dramatic focus which it could need.

Hang some decorative objects in between two shelves, for example if you have a column that may be between two groups of shelves. Sometimes the walls or shelves are monotonous enough - hanging something between the shelves is an unexpected surprise.

Try filling an entire space, such as between the ceiling and the top of your door jamb, using a piece of art. If you have a three-dimensional, carved piece of art, the ideal spot to place it could be that empty spot over your kitchen doorway.

Fasten a coat rack to some wall and create an unusual grouping on that wall. Don't limit yourself to hanging just coats on your coat rack, because hats, scarves, and a selection of keepsakes will add a bit of whimsy to the coats on your rack. Add to the visual with one or two or three wall hangings off to one side and above the coat rack, possibly even a plaque which has a fun saying.

As you now have some terrific and fun ideas for tips on how to decorate your walls, jump in and enjoy yourself!

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