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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Great Ideas For Decorating Your Kid's Room On A Budget

We all need our own space - even kids. And everyone likes to let their style shine through, whether they are 4 or 24 years old. Here are some great tips for decorating your kid's room in a way that adds flair without costing a fortune.

First, consider the theme or overall concept you want to achieve. Little ones love things like princesses, cartoon characters, and concepts from movies. This will provide you with the guide for the next sets of decisions you will make.

Now think about your budget. If it is limited, you might be able to make some unique purchases at garage sales. Let your friends and family know about your project - they may have some things they are willing to give you for free. And web sites like Craigslist or Freecycle are terrific ways to get amazing accessories for no cost. Also, you can make a huge impact with just a gallon or two of paint - even if you just color one accent wall.

Speaking of paint, you can do more than just cover the walls in a new color. Consider your options for painting furniture. There are plenty of fun colors and even finishes that can take old furniture, or even new acquisitions you get for a steal, and turn them into new and eye-catching focal points.

Consider your options for curtains. You can take old curtains and add some flair with ribbon or toys. And you don't have to purchase expensive brand new curtains. You can go do the fabric store, purchase some material, and drape it around the windows for some dramatic effects. This is a place where you can make a big impact with just a small investment.

Do your kids like to draw? Or do they enjoy art of any kind? You can purchase frames, big or small, and use the creations from your kids, downloaded from the internet, or purchased at stores to add some fun to the walls.

Storage is always an issue - and it works hand in hand with keeping the room picked up. Visit your local discount store or home organizing store to purchase some shelves, baskets, or book cases. After you have decked out the room you don't want it to get instantly cluttered. Plan ahead and include some store solutions in your design up front to avoid this.

Last but not least, consider how you are going to provide light. It is easy to get an inexpensive lamp and glue fun objects to it - toys, shells, and pictures work great. This makes the lamp both decorative and functional.

By following these simple tips you will be able to decorate your child's room and save plenty of money in the process.

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