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Friday, December 16, 2011

An Article Commenting on Soft Furnishings and A Few of the Fabrics Chosen to Make These Products

Having a house full of cushions gives a warm and welcoming feel and makes your home cosy and comfortable. There is a huge range of different cushions on the market using lots of different textures and materials so you are guaranteed to find something which is ideal for your home and colour schemes. View, lighting.

Sofas are an expensive item of furniture and for most people it's not practical to buy a new sofa every time you fancy a change of look. Changing cushions however is far cheaper and easy to do, and changing the colour or design of the cushions on the sofa can completely change the look of the entire room.

Having large cushions on the floor is a great idea in a room where teenagers want to relax and play video games or in a child's playroom. Cushions designed to go on the floor should be made of a material which is easy to clean. Colour should be considered carefully as a very pale colour will show the dirt far easier than a cushion made of a much darker coloured fabric.

Fake fur is a popular choice for cushions in the bedroom as the feel is luxurious and unusual. Fake fur technology has improved hugely in recent years and modern fake fur is both soft and hardwearing. It is also a much cheaper and more ethical choice than buying real fur.

If you want to have a truly original look for the cushions on your sofa, the best way is to make your own cushion covers. An envelope opening style cover is not difficult to make and you can buy unusual off-cuts of fabric to suit your colour scheme in the house. Cushion pads are available in lots of different shapes and sizes from most fabric and haberdashery stores.

When making your own cushion covers, a good way to get unusual fabric is to recycle old fabric from duvet covers, sheets, curtains or clothing. Fabric can be put together in a patchwork effect or dyed to make the cushions even more individual.

Although cushions are traditionally square, there are now all sorts of shapes and sizes of cushions on the market. Mixing and matching different sizes and shapes of cushions will add interest to the sofa, especially if you stick to the same colours for all of the cushions. For floor cushions, large circular or square cushions are the most appropriate choice.

Pattern should be considered carefully when choosing cushions. On a floor or sofa which is plain, a highly patterned cushion can be a great statement and brighten up the room. However, if the sofa is patterned already, a plain cushion is the best choice.

If your sofa and rest of the decor in the room is brightly coloured, it is best to choose a plainer shade for your cushions to avoid the room feeling overwhelming and cluttered. If the sofa is a plainer shade, brighter cushions will provide a welcome splash of colour in the room.

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