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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blissful Glow: Wedding Candle Holders

Theme based weddings are the rage, which can vary from elegant to wild. No matter what your wedding theme is - picturesque lighting is a must. Candles can give a tasteful glow to any occasion and when we talk of candles in a wedding, the specialized wedding candle holders are essential to enhance the grace of the blessed occasion.

The best feature about these things of beauty is that they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to suit your theme perfectly, regardless of the budget of your wedding. Wedding candle holders can be made using glass or metal. Wooden ones are comparatively cost-effective and can be used by those who are budget stretched. They can be color coordinated and can be even synchronized using any other wedding motif like flowers or hearts.

Wedding wax light holders also give the bride and groom the choice of personalizing them with their name and the date of the wedding, so that these can be used as wedding keepsakes or favors. There are a lot of design-companies dedicated to wedding decorations that can help you select suitable wedding candle holders for your wedding. You can simply go to their website and order candles online and they will ship you the final finished wedding candle holders in no time.

The variety of wedding wax light holders is immense, depending on the kind of look you have envisioned for your special occasion. Long and elegant ones can hold tapering candles that give a refined look. Tea-light candle holders form impressive centerpieces, or can also be hung in clusters at advantageous spots for a quaint look.

Another variety of candles holders is the floating wax light holders. They can be fitted with light and wide holders that can easily be set to float in ponds or any other water urn. They increase the scenic beauty of the occasion, making the couple and the guests revel in the joy and beauty of it all. Sconces, the type of wax light holders which can be hung on the wall, can also be used to give a different kind of feel to the wedding if it matches your theme.

Weddings are so minutely planned, and such a joyous occasion for everyone. The couples are under immense pressure to ensure everything goes perfect. In such scenarios the blend of laughter, food and the warmth of love can be enriched by the scenic charm of wedding candle holders.

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