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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Right Colour Schemes For Summer Bedding

Many homeowners have one or two bedding sets that they use all year round irrespective of the season. What they fail to realise is that the colour scheme of their bedding can play a huge role in the atmosphere that is created in their bedroom. Whilst it may not affect the actual temperature of the room, the right shades can impact on the human brain. Therefore it is important to tailor our bedding selection to the seasons in order to provide maximum comfort. Here we look at what colour schemes are best suited to the summer months.

Classic selection

One of the most suitable and popular options for summer colour schemes is that of classic whites and creams. The tones provide a soothing feel to the room and can greatly increase the idea of coolness. Light cotton sheets especially benefit from these types of colours. One drawback of going for cream and white bedding is that they show even the smallest dirty mark, which can mean that they need to be changed quite regularly.

Incorporating nature

Other colours that can help to evoke a feeling of coolness in your bedroom are ones that are commonly related to nature. Examples of such colours are greens, yellows and blues. A great way of getting these colours into your bedding sets can be to look for calming floral designs. Whilst the younger generations may think that floral bedding is befitting of the more senior consumer; there are in fact numerous contemporary designs which can leave a striking impression.

Considering pastels

If you don't want anything as busy as a floral design, but want something a bit more exciting than plain white bedding, then you should consider pastel colours. Typically these kinds of bedding designs will be fairly simple, perhaps entailing a little bit of thread detailing round the edges. Or you may want to consider an aerial design with a nice pastel blue sky and some fluffy white clouds floating around.

Colours to avoid

The most important thing to remember when choosing your summer bedding colour scheme is to keep it light. The pale shades will help to reflect the light and keep the room feeling airy, whilst not trapping the heat. Colours that should be avoided during summer are blacks, reds, deep purples and dark browns. Instead try and incorporate these shades in your winter bedding selection as they serve to increase the feeling of warmth.

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